Arts On Fire

Arts Classes

Translating feelings to canvas, acting, or music empowers students with a sense of purpose and ownership.

express your creativity through

Visual & Performing Arts

Arts on Fire classes are a wonderful way to explore your creative side, gain confidence, and have fun expressing yourself.  We offer a wide range of art classes in Ajax, taught by passionate and experienced instructors.

Visual Arts

Lessons in drawing (3D, character, and digital creation) and painting (acrylic and watercolour).

Dramatic Arts

Explore improv and acting through theatre techniques, and performing with scripts of different genres.

Musical Theatre

Explore acting, singing and choreography from a new musical each session.

Private Parties

Book a Private Party for your and your friends/family. 

PA Day & Camps

Kids from ages 6-12 enjoy painting, drama and drawing lessons. 

Paint Nights

Enjoy painting, chatting and sipping your favourite beverage.

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”

– Albert Einstein

visual and performing arts


Discover artistic secrets and use those techniques to develop your very own style.  We offer courses and events for all ages and interests, including:

Kids (age 5-8)

Our classes help kids gain confidence with creativity. Each week they learn more skills that help their artwork and performance become stronger.

Kids love trying new challenges surrounded by encouraging instructors and peers.

Youth (age 9-12)

Youths are looking for something that catches their interest – and we encourage them to try as many different art classes as possible. When they discover what they really love doing they can look to their instructors for mentorship. Art and acting classes give youth transferable skills that bring success at school and with peers. Youth enjoy finding new friends at Arts on Fire that understand them and share the same artistic connections.

Teen (age 13-18)

Teen classes provide a rare space full of positivity and encouragement. Art and acting builds them up and pushes them to show what they’re capable of when in the right artistic environment. Teens love feeling like they are doing something purposeful such as building an art/acting portfolio and working towards a potential career.

Adults (age 18+)

Adults find a creative outlet at Arts on Fire. They make the time to explore their interest in drawing and painting. Art classes are known to reduce stress and offer a break from pressures at work/home. Adult Improv offers social confidence and a laughter-break for people looking for performance fun. Doctors recommend that adults prioritize the arts in their life for mental well-being.







testimonials from

Artists of All Ages

My daughter just did her birthday party here, and they went above and beyond. All the parents messaged me after saying how much fun their children had. My daughter also said it was the best birthday party she ever had!


- Laura Hanna

My five year old daughter loves the Arts on Fire Paint classes and Drama classes so much! She has been to the art camp as well and had a blast! I even signed myself up for the adult paint classes and it feels like such an achievement to get to bring my finished work home and hang it on the wall. These are top quality classes with very knowledgeable instructors and a beautiful facility!


- Alicia Machnik

The adult art class is an incredible way to spend Thursday nights. The instructors are wonderful and the projects are a lot of fun! I didn't think I had artistic skill, but I have made some wonderful art! The quality of instruction and supplies provided are top notch. Great company and a great time every week! Looking forward to signing my son up for Saturday classes!

- Jill Howard

Ahhhmazing!! A service much needed in Ajax and loved by all participants. I got to do an adult art class and had a blast! They walked me through step by step and made it so easy! The kids musicals are so entertaining! Great stuff, keep up the great work.

- Jace Prohaska

Cora absolutely loves Improv! Not only is it fun and helps build confidence, but it also helps Cora as a growing performer. Improv is a beneficial skill for any stage actor!


- Stephanie Lee

Maria had the best day and is asking to return every day this week. We love Arts On Fire!


- Serena Dorward

Great instructor and school I throughly enjoy my classes


-Mustafa Jaffer

My teen enjoyed this immensely. It is priced right and expertly run.


-Sherri MacIver

Amazing. Lily had a great time at camp today. She can’t wait to go back. Can’t say enough about the friendly staff.


-Jennifer Stinson

Amazing programs for all ages. My son had a blast participating in the improv classes. As soon as the program ended he asked to sign up again! 10/10 recommend.


-Stephanie Dobbs

This place is amazing for kids to learn and progress in their learning for Artand have fun!! My daughter loves the instructors! Sheri and her team are doing an awesome job.


-Siribindu Lakkakula

Wonderful environment. Program was a terrific confidence booster for my granddaughter. She loves the class and thinks very highly of Holly.


-Heather Gemon

Thank you Sheri and Barrett for this! What a lovely treat!! Thesekids were super talented and really pulled everything together in 6 weeks!


-Yvonne Adamo

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Great content, awesome instructors and wonderful art experience! Drama was funfr my seven year old daughter, take home art projects were so well done and the self confidence has improved! Thank you Team Prescott!


-Laurrell Mohammed

Nolan loves the camps! He had a great time and especially enjoys dramagames with Tyler.


-Stephanie Lee

Signed my daughter up for a last minute day camp here & she had a blast! Made lots of art projects & made a friend! WIll defiitely come back 🙂


-Angela Campbell