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The Art of Teaching Drama

Unlock the world of drama with a visual guide to teaching drama fundamentals. This comprehensive series takes you on a journey through the essentials of drama education, providing a clear and engaging visual roadmap for both new and experienced educators.

By Sheri Prescott

Video Course Content

The Art of Teaching Drama – Overview

Sheri Prescott, high school drama teacher and owner of Arts on Fire studio, invites you to learn the art of teaching drama.

Building Community in the Drama Classroom (Part 1)

Set the vision for your drama class, play interactive games, and focus on the 5 C’s of drama: cooperation, concentration, commitment, collaboration, and creativity.

Building Community in the Drama Classroom (Part 2)

Watch our teens play more drama games that build on the 5 C’s of drama. These games create a fun and friendly classroom environment.

Teaching Tableaux

Discover the art of storytelling through frozen pictures and engage students in expressive non-verbal performances.

Introducing Pantomime

Guide your students in conveying stories through physicality and facial expressions.

The Joy of Improvisation

Embrace positivity and creativity with improv techniques, fostering a love for spontaneous storytelling.

 Partner Scenes

Enjoy this simple approach to teaching stage positions, character creation, effective set and costume choices, and memorizing a script.

Dance Drama Techniques

Explore movement using dance drama techniques like flocking, mirroring, and power of the hand. 

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An Online Course for Dramatic Arts Teachers

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Are you feeling out of your comfort zone teaching drama?  This course is for you! 

As an educator, you know the power of the arts in shaping young minds. Teaching drama can be daunting, especially if it’s not your primary subject. The Art of Teaching Drama online course provides excellent video examples for you and your students on teaching tableaux, pantomime, dance drama, and much more. With 27 years experience, drama educator Sheri Prescott created this course as your gateway to becoming a confident and inspiring drama teacher.

Why This Course?

Tailored for Educators: Specifically designed for teachers new to drama education.

Engage with Ease: Learn alongside your students with easy-to-follow video lessons.

On Demand Learning: Watch videos at your own pace, easily pickup where you left off, and watch as many times as you like.

Practical Demonstrations: Each technique is brought to life through fun and engaging student demonstrations.

Resource-Rich Content: Every video comes with a hand-out, enriching your teaching toolkit.

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Confidence in Teaching Drama


Upon completing this course, you will gain the confidence to effectively teach various aspects of drama. Prepare yourself for instruction on tableau, pantomime, dance drama, scene directing, and improv.

Embark on a journey that will not only enrich your teaching skills but also leave a lasting impact on your students.