What in the World is Dramatic Arts?

by | Oct 14, 2023

The number one question asked on Google about drama is “What is dramatic arts?”

Most people have no idea what drama is about. Let’s solve this mystery right now…

The dramatic arts are a form of narrative performed on a stage in front of an audience. 

Drama is often referred to as theatre or performance art. The key players in dramatic arts are the performers and the audience. The performers entertain and inform the audience using acting, dialogue, movement, and music.

The two oldest genres of drama are tragedy and comedy. 

Dramatic arts can be explored through pantomime, dance, music, acting, and puppetry.

Dramatic arts embrace a collaborative spirit, merging various elements such as writing, set design, costume creation, lighting and sound. This dynamic cooperation can transport audiences to a different time period and evoke strong emotions.

The participants at Arts on Fire can choose to explore dramatic arts through the following classes: improv, singing, acting for short film, musical theatre, and drama. Each class offers a different focus yet they all offer the chance for performance expression in front of an audience. 

Most importantly, dramatic arts offers us the chance to break free from the tediousness of our daily lives. When we jump into a realm where stories come alive and emotions run wild we are truly free.

Thus, the best part of dramatic arts is discovering that infinite worlds exist, waiting to be explored and shared with your audience.

Sheri Prescott

Owner, Arts on Fire